Evolution Rage2 vs DeWalt DW872 for cutting aluminum

The Evolution Rage2 and DeWalt DW872 MultiCutter cold cut saws are compared. The DeWalt easily wins the aluminum cutting competition. An aluminum specific replacement blade is available for the Rage2 saw, but given the cost of the blade, one is better off starting with a saw that will work out…


Abrasive Blasting With Small Air Compressor

Abrasive blasting with a small air compressor is practical with the right equipment and patience to improve the equipment and to finish at a slower rate. As a follow-up to a previous review of a 5CFM quiet air compressor, we look at the Cyclone Manufacturing bench-top blast cabinet, make improvements,…


DeWalt DW872 Cold Saw Lubrication

The DeWalt DW872 Metal Cutting Saw cuts steel, aluminum, and a variety of other materials. Following the advice of a viewer, we test what effect using lubrication and air to clear the chips has on the surface finish of cuts in aluminum. Using lubricant improves the surface finish and cutting…

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