Music keyboard stand

Music keyboard stands are often wussy (bouncy) or incredibly expensive. Instead, we found a solid used (normal) table that was deep and added cut shelf material to create a second level for the (computer) monitor and (speaker) monitors. More shelf material and straps form a self on the backside of the table to hide a small computer, power strip, and cables. Both shelves have middle supports to prevent sagging. An old piano bench is used for a chair. A simple music stand was made that slips over the computer monitor. I tried a small computer keyboard with integrated touchpad but had a terrible time typing on it so switched it out for full sized wireless pieces. A commercial quilted cover protects the music workstation when not in use and makes a nice rest for the computer keyboard when not using the music keyboard. The reach over the music keyboard is a little awkward, but must of my time at the keyboard is spent playing. Isolation pads angle the (speaker) monitors just right.