MakerBot ToM code and schematic links

The MakerBot Thing-O-Matic source code and schematics are inconvenient to find. Much of the original material on Makerbot has been archived. RepRap has links to much of the material, but several links are stale. What follows are links to the board schematics and firmware source code. MakerBot did sell other versions of the boards, but these are the ones I’ve worked with.

General items

Interface 1.0 (1.1?)

Mechanical stops 1.2

Stepper 3.3

Extruder 3.6

Motherboard 2.4

The Replicator followup to the Thing-O-Matic combined all the individual boards to one called the MightyBoard. The designer of this board has an interesting page including some history and several links, including an EEVBlog review, for the MightyBoard.

Sources for project inspiration