Magnetic door catch – machining, theory, and assembly

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Aluminum extrusion material is a great and fast way to construct enclosures and doors. To hold a door closed a magnetic door catch is useful, but how to mount them? In this video we’ll look at how does a magnetic door catch work, how to support them, and how to install them on extruded aluminum material. We’ll machine a support for a magnetic door catch, do a teardown to understand how the sensor works, including looking at the reed relay under a microscope, and finalize the installation.

The support is designed in SolidWorks and G-Code is generated in Fusion360. The part is milled on a CNC retrofitted PM-25 mill driven by LinuxCNC. For milling, Tormach’s modular non-center cutting end mill is used. All the t-slot aluminum extrusion and the actual magnetic door catch come from Misumi.