Contact information and family businesses

Kent A. Vander Velden, PhD

Becoming a gentleman scientist.

Best means of contact is by email. See LinkedIn for my professional experience and GitHub for my open source projects. I help with interesting projects, both as good will and as a consultant.

Confluence R&D, LLC

Need to develop or review a software-hardware system to automate science? Confluence is my consulting firm. It was started as a means to earn a living while continuing my development in the areas of software, hardware, and electronics. Projects often include computer vision, analytical software, deep learning, data analysis, and hardware prototyping. Independent projects have included plant phenotyping systems for research scientists and reviews for clients of software-hardware delivered by other firms. Teams projects have included an telepresence prescription dispensing machine and hardware for aggregating data from precision agriculture monitors, and automated mowing.

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Vander Velden Law Firm

Seeking an attorney for a patent, trademark, or copyright, who turns wrenches and gets their hands dirty? Melinda is an engineer, masters in electrical engineering, who earned a law degree while a precision agriculture engineer at John Deere. She is a patent attorney who can work a lathe, build sections of an airplane, and teach electronics. Initially an attorney at a large agriculture manufacturer, she now represents fellow engineers and inventors turning ideas into businesses.

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