CNC Machining NEMA 17 Stepper Motor Mounts

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Inexpensive stepper motors are a staple of the Maker community. With boards like Arduino easily able to control small stepper motors, the difficulty of programming and electronics are reduced. This leaves the mechanics to be considered. While readily and inexpensively available, instead of purchasing three NEMA 17 stepper motor mounts, let’s make our own.

Fusion360 and a modified PM25MV CNC mill are used make three NEMA 17 stepper motor mounts. The machining of all three parts are shown simultaneously, synced on key events. Playback of the machining is at 4x speed. The mounts worked well in use. Each mount was machined in series, with small improvements in the process with each new mount. Watching the machine of all three, syncing key steps, helps to emphasize these tweaks, and is otherwise fun to watch.

Facing of the stock was done off camera. The endmills are from Lakeshore Carbide. The drills are Precision Twist Drill.

The amazing music is Ludwig van Beethoven’s 32 Variations in Cm and the recording is in the public domain. Please see for this and other music.