How to measure drilling thrust force

Thrust force or feed force of a CNC mill is measured to predict the maximum chisel point drill bit that that the mill can support. Software commands LinuxCNC to advance the mill into a scale until following-error from the z-axis servo motor exceeds a threshold. A viewer warned of column…


PM25 BLDC spindle drive replacement from Anaheim Automation

A BLDC drive from Anaheim Automation is tested as a replacement to stock spindle drive of the PM25 mill. The stock drive is not documented, lacks a fault signal, and responses slowly to direction and speed changes limiting rigid tapping. The Anaheim Automation MDC300-120151 drive has advantages but with the…


Rigid tapping and thread milling on a PM25 LinuxCNC mill

Rigid tapping and threading milling are attempted on a Precision Matthews PM25 LinuxCNC CNC conversion. To allow rigid tapping, a spindle encoder is added by attaching a rotary encoder to the top of the drawbar. The differential signals from the encoder are converted to single-ended and then passed to the…

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