CNC Milling Tools, Spindle Load, and Performance

Various tools are tested on a CNC mill to create the same part using similar operations. Machine performance is monitored for each tool to begin building a catalog of tool parameters for Autodesk Fusion 360 to control a converted PM25MV milling machine.


R8 Drawbar Upgrade For PM25 Mill

The drawbar on the Precision Matthews PM25 mill is difficult to torque properly with its unusual 8mm square head. In this video we replace the standard drawbar with a new one with a 3/4" hex head, similar to those used on Bridgeport mills. This work was done to ensure proper…


Spindle lock for PM25 milling machine

The PM-25 is a great mill, but the one that I received lacks flats on the spindle. All the methods I could think of to perform tool changes, essentially require three hands and then generally one hand gets cut. What is greatly missing is a way to lock the spindle…

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