How to measure drilling thrust force

Thrust force or feed force of a CNC mill is measured to predict the maximum chisel point drill bit that that the mill can support. Software commands LinuxCNC to advance the mill into a scale until following-error from the z-axis servo motor exceeds a threshold. A viewer warned of column…


IMTS 2018 Chicago (International Manufacturing Technology Show)

IMTS 2018 Chicago, the International Manufacturing Technology Show, is an amazing biannual manufacturing show in Chicago, IL, USA. Nearly 130,000 attendees and 32 acres of exhibits. Dad and I had three days in Chicago, attended the show half of that, and could easily have filled twice that time. Thank you…


XY positioning stage for a camera

An XY CNC positioning stage is designed, machined, assembled and tested. A CNC positioning stage is simply a machine for moving an object under computer control accurately. This stage moves a camera along two axes and is part of a larger plant imaging system. Researchers use information collected from this…

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