Agilent MSO-X 2024A Easter Eggs

The presence of Easter eggs on the Agilent equipment is not new, but want to summarize how to trigger them on the MSO-X 2024A. These were tested with firmware 2.35.

With the o-scope on, press the Utility key followed by the Options soft key. For an animation of the developer names, press the sixth (rightmost) soft key four times. Or, for the Etch-a-sketch game, press the fifth softkey four times. There are no labels for these softkeys. In the Etch-a-sketch game, control the cursor position with the zero adjustment knobs for channel one and two.

The third Easter egg is related to the Lost television series. With the o-scope on, press the Back key until there are no soft key labels, then with the soft keys numbered 1 to 6 from left to right, enter the Lost number sequence 16-23-42. In the upper right of the screen, the Agilent symbol will change to the The Swan logo, and in the lower right, a countdown will start from 108 minutes. Once the countdown reaches zero, the countdown changes to a series of hieroglyphics. Nothing seems to change the symbols, other than pressing the sixth soft key a number of times returns the display to normal.

On my scope, the Quick Action key is set to save a screenshot. This function captures the Etch-a-sketch and Lost Easter eggs, but not the credits animation.

Credits Easter Egg

Etch-a-sketch Easter Egg

Lost Easter Egg